The Buyer Experience

Buying in London can be more stressful than anywhere else in the UK. With so many properties being sold by so many different agencies, it monopolises your time and energy.

Not with Cavendish London.

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The usual London experience

Buying property in prime London through the usual channels can be a nightmare that drives you to distraction. The process is convoluted and doesn't always lead you to the property you're dreaming of.

You give your number to several agencies with an outline of the property you're looking for. Then it starts. Your phone rings off the hook, your diary is full of dozens of viewings - and the most frustrating of all is when you turn up to find that the properties don't meet the requirements you specified. So much time and energy is wasted this way.

It doesn't stop there. If an offer is made and accepted, it's then your job to deal with the stress of conveyancing, solicitors and all the necessary paperwork.

There is another way.

The Cavendish London experience

Cavendish London is not your usual London estate agency. We are a relocation agency. This is the key difference. Holding no property stock of our own, we do not try to shoe horn your needs into properties we are trying to sell ourselves.

The benefit? Kay Smith, Head of Operations, uses her long-established connections with London agencies to scour prime London on your behalf. Regular estate agencies have a maximum of 5% market share. Even if you use four, that's only 20%.

Cavendish residential can access the entire market, but you only deal with one person - Kay.

Go about your daily life while Cavendish London works in the background:

  • 50 possible properties are located, many of which aren't even on the market yet.
  • Visits the top 10.
  • Collates all the necessary information from procedable position and freehold vs. leasehold to the direction of the balcony and schools on the area.
  • Selects the top 3 based on your initial requirement brief.

Up to here, you as the client have done NOTHING apart from tell Kay exactly what you need. Here comes your part:

  • A chauffeur-driven Mercedes will pick you up from your location of choice.
  • You will be met at each of the top 3 properties by Kay and given all the necessary information.
  • If you decide to make an offer, we do this on your behalf based upon detailed industry mad market knowledge.

What is the value of Cavendish London?

Cavendish London makes it simple - and that in itself is priceless.

Speak to ONE person.

Save enormous amounts of time - and energy.

No compromise to your daily life.

Get your dream home for the best price possible.

What is the value of Cavendish London?



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